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Vitatsu - an anagram of words “Vita” i.e. Life and “tsu” i.e. Pure, is a short written description of a person’s pure and healthy life. Vitatsu is a network of multi-speciality clinics offering comprehensive healthcare services under one roof.

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Blood Collection facility

We have partnered with reputed Diagnostics centres to offer Collection and report delivery facility within your neighbourhod.

Commitment towards medical Ethics

We follow ethical business practices and conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

Qualified & Experienced doctors

Our practioners are highly qualified and have gained sufficient experience to perform necessary treatments at Vitatsu.

Latest Technology and Procedures

We ensure high standards of medical care are practised through an effective quality improvement system to ensure safe and sustainable treatment.

Meet our Medical Specialists

Our practioners adopt a patient centric approach and remain sensitive to the need of our patients and customers. We prioritize safety of patients before anything else.

Website Picture - Kanupriya Halan
Dr. Kanupriya Halan – ENT Surgeon

Dr. Kanupriya is a graduate of Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals and has completed her MS in ENT from INHS Asvini, Mumbai ...   Read More

Dietician - Komal Jethmalani
Mrs. Komal Jethmalani – Dietician & Nutritionist

Mrs. Komal has done her MSc (Food & Nutrition) from S.N.D.T. University Mumbai. She has worked with many reputed organizations as Senior Nut...   Read More

Website Picture - Gautam Arora
Dr. Gautam Arora – Homoeopath & Psychotherapist

Dr. Gautam Arora is a Senior Homoeopathic Consultant with over 2 decades of consulting experience and is a Consultant to the “Royal Family o...   Read More

Profile Picture - Abha Bhat1
Dr. Abha Bhat – Fertility Specialist & Reproductive Endocrinologist

Dr. Abha Bhat is a qualified fertility specialist with in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of conception and assisted reproductive technol...   Read More

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What patients say about Vitatsu

  • I got extracted three teeth in upper front area. Sutures were given by Dr. Aggarwal. Within seven days my sutures were removed without any pain. Doctor explained me precautions measures in detail due to which my wound healed properly. I am now fit for placing my bridge.

  • I had a chipped off upper front tooth due to which I couldn’t smile properly. I felt shy to smile in front of everyone. But Dr. Aggarwal by her esthetic skills bonded a material which made my tooth look natural as before.

  • I was advised surgery of wisdom tooth. But Dr. Aggarwal did a tremendous job of removing it in a different way without surgery. I am extremely happy that I escaped surgery and am back to college the next day itself.

  • First visit to Vitatsu was very good. The receptionist booked my appointment in prior. Waiting area and hospitality towards the patients was amazing. We didn’t wait for long to consult the doctor. Doctor explained the procedure elaborately. The medicines she prescribed were very effective in relieving my pain.

  • I went for extraction of my tooth. I did not know the concept of saving the tooth i.e. root canal treatment. Dr. Aggarwal explained me the entire procedure in detail in a video. I was convinced for the treatment and now I am doing fine with my tooth.

  • My husband had stained reddish brown teeth. He was very conscious of going to parties and occasions because of the same. By scaling and polishing procedure done at Vitatsu not only the appearance became better but his infection called pyorrhea which doctor termed it as periodontitis got treated very well.

  • I went to vitatsu with my wife for her toothache. Previously a doctor had diagnosed cyst which required surgery. Came to her for a second opinion. Dr. Aggarwal gave me a solution of non-surgical removal of the cyst by using some medicament. Thanks to her my wife got cured without any suturing.

  • My child was very apprehensive of the dental treatment to be done. He was advised extraction of milk tooth as his permanent tooth was getting delayed. Doctor patiently and skilfully removed the tooth without giving any pain to my child.